8 Reasons You Need to Update Your Website!

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Your website is the face and brand of your company. When people go searching for your industry, product, or service, your Google ad and Home page are their first impression of your company.

First impressions are hard to overcome! It’s an uphill battle to make someone rethink their perceptions of you and your company, and it’s much easier to keep living up to a great expectation!

It’s 2017, and you need a modern, beautiful website to stand out from the crowd, and especially to stand out from your competitors! If clothes make the man, websites make the company!

Here are 8 reasons why you need a beautiful new website to boost your business, generate new leads, and increase revenue.

1. Your Website is All About You

You may think your website is the perfect place to talk about all those awards your company has won, or how great your team is, but really your site should be about your customers. From a customer/client perspective, what is most important? What do they need to know about your firm’s product or service? Will seeing your CEO’s picture on the homepage tell them what they need to know to become a client? Nowadays, your company’s blog is the place to brag, give information, and tell your stories. Your site should be about what value you bring to your clients.

2. Your Target Audience Has Changed

As your company grows and changes and expands offerings, or narrows them down, your audience changes too! Your website should be given a breath of fresh air and an update to attract your new target audience.

3. You Want to Stand Out From the Competition

Maybe your website was done professionally, but it’s a few years old. In order to stay ahead of your competition, you want a modern, intuitive site that looks and feels responsive, and inspires clients to keep looking and to return. An updated call to action will also encourage that returning client, and if you’re a technology company, your website needs to show that you know how to stay completely current or even predict the next big thing!

4. You Mobile Site Isn’t Great

Or you don’t have a mobile site, or maybe your mobile site is fine but doesn’t match with your desktop site. This is bad news. Most people require their information on the go these days, and if you don’t have a mobile site, or it’s a hard to use design, or worse yet, doesn’t match with your company branding, you are in trouble! You’re losing money and missing out on clients by not taking advantage of having a beautiful, updated mobile site that is easy to access and matches your branding.

5. Your Rankings Are Low

Being searchable is very important, especially in attracting new customers. Companies like Chattanooga Web Design will keep search rankings in mind when they build your site, so that you increase traffic. Search engine optimization is important, but you also don’t want your whole website to look like it’s filled with buzzwords and keywords. New, updated content is one way to climb the rankings, and Google is constantly changing and refining its requirements.

6. Social Media Marketing Is Not Enough By Itself

Your company may have a fantastic social media strategy with a constant stream of new and creative posts, shares, and connections. You probably have a large following, and interact with those people regularly. Now your website needs to back that up. If you have a boring or outdated website, but your followers were expecting a current, modern experience, they will not convert to customers.

7. Your Site Isn’t Easy to Navigate

All the other reasons listed here are important, but the real purpose of your website is so that customers and prospective customers can find your company, learn about what you do, reach out with questions on a contact form, or find your phone number and address easily. If customers can’t easily access information about you, then how can you expect them to buy from you? Having an intuitive website is very important for the user experience.

8. You Don’t Track Analytics

Your business needs to understand how many people are clicking on your site, where they are going, what they are doing, and who they are. If you don’t know this information, you are not doing well in your marketing strategy. You need to be able to track everything on your website, so that you know what is working and what isn’t.

All your social media accounts, your ads, and business cards, they all have your website on it. Your website is the face of your business, so you need to be putting your best efforts into keeping it modern, intuitive, and easy to use.

The market shows that customers check companies out online now before purchasing. They read reviews, they look at the website, and then they make a decision.  When asked, most people say they make purchasing decisions based on information found on websites and reviews. Don’t let your website make a bad first impression!

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