How Can A Fresh Website Help Your Company?

There are many reasons why your company could use a fresh website, whether you are a startup, you’ve been around a few years, or you are a very established brand spanning decades.

Your brand and your website are what people will remember about you. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, fast, and intuitive, it is easy for potential consumers to move on to the next. No matter how great your logo is, if people are unable to navigate your site and find the information they want, you’ve lost them. If it takes forever to load, they’ll leave.

Your website’s one and only job is to represent you as a person, a brand, and a company. If you have had the same website for 7 years, people notice that. It is no longer new and modern, it’s no longer using state of the art technology.

You want to make sure you’re following the guidelines for the newest algorithms and rules to make your site come up at the top of search lists, using the apps and widgets that get people interested, showcasing your vision, your team, and having interactive bits.

Think of some of your own favorite websites. Do they look fresh and new? Do they have videos, moving images, interactive pieces? Do they ask you questions, answer questions, and have a strong call to action that makes you want to move forward?

These are the things you need to be thinking about when it comes to your own website. It’s easy to say “Oh, we have a site, we’re fine,” and not spend the money, but what if having a fresh look brought in new customers, raised your name in the rankings, and gave you a better reputation?  What if it allowed you to show credibility and authority and offer better value?

Especially startups and technology and e-commerce companies. You LIVE online, and you must be able to prove it from the second someone Googles your name or looks up relevant information. You need to be optimized without being obvious, beautiful and still functional, and easy to use.

This may sound like a lot, but it’s really all tied together. Chattanooga Web Design uses state of the art technology and best practices to bring you into 2017 and beyond. We offer a new website every 12 months as part of our standard package, allowing you to be sure you are always on the cutting edge, and that your brand is represented in the best way.

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