Why Chattanooga is a Great Place to Start a New Company!

According to Livability.com, Chattanooga is one of the top 100 places to live in the US, and also was included in their “Top 10 Downtowns” list. Chattanooga is a great city for a myriad of reasons, some being affordability, beautiful scenery, outdoor activities and work-life balance, having the largest citywide gigabit-speed internet, and a growing[…]

Beer On Tap

Southern Craft Beer 2015 Scavenger Hunt

Where’s the best place to try Southern craft beer?  Yup, you guessed it, Chattanooga, Tennessee! We’re not sure yet if it’s the lively casual bar scene that creates the down-to-earth feel that’s just perfect for sipping your favorite brew, or if it’s the fact that you’re surrounded by a picturesque river and epic mountains. More likely it’s[…]

Dustin Blewitt

Why Chattanooga is One of the Premier Locations for Hang Gliding in the World [rad local video & photos included]

Chattanooga is one of the premier locations for hang gliding in the world! Not only is the city esteemed for its incredible beauty, but it also geographically rests in sustained wind and heat thermals. This is the perfect duo to sustain powerless flight.  It’s easy to see that hang gliding is just one more reason[…]